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Editing & proofreading is not an option, as treated by most of the students, rather, it is more of a necessity. When the college professors pick up your paper and begin reading it, the first thing that matters for them is the research and the data included in the paper, and second thing that is important to them is the coherence and fluency. An academic paper will fail to achieve its desired grades with loopholes in the structure, punctuation, grammatical, and spelling mistakes. These things have an adverse effect on the credibility of the student and the academic papers alike.

For students who struggle in doing their assignments, research papers, case studies, literature reviews, dissertation, admission essays, capstone project papers, term papers, research proposals, personal statements, academic manuscripts, or any other academic papers - Proacademic consultancy can be of help to them.

Be it loopholes in the content, structural mistakes, cohesiveness issues, problems with clarity and readability, lack of fluency in the English language, or grammatical, spelling, or punctuation mistakes, our editing & proofreading assistance consultants can handle every document with the utmost care and transform the look of it. Academic papers are mostly required to be written in formal and a continued academic tonality and the geniuses at Proacademic will make sure that your papers are met with the expectations of the academic standards.

Features of Proacademic’s Editing & Proofreading Assistance

Once our professional, skilled, and experienced consultants work magic on your academic papers, you won’t have any doubt left in submitting the papers. You will have to go through an immensely hassle-free and highly confidential process of placing an order and document reviewing at Proacademic. Our professional editing & proofreading consultants are:

You can get more:

  • Highly qualified individuals
  • Native editors
  • Online experts at online services
  • Experts at numerous fields and subjects

Our online expert editing & proofreading professionals will take care of the following aspects in your academic papers


Our team will correct any typos, hyphenation errors, spelling mistakes, and any other minor errors.

Syntax and Grammar:

Our online experts at Proacademic will correct all the mistakes of sentence structure, the order of the words, prepositions, tenses and verbs, agreement, articles, etc.


You can count on our editing & proofreading professionals to efficiently eliminate punctuation mistakes, like excessive or lack of the use of commas, periods, semicolons, colons, marks, quotations, hyphens, etc.

Style and tone:

Our editing & proofreading experts will take care of subjective language in your papers, mainstream words, repeated and inflated phrases, and the excessive use of the passive voice.

Conventions of Academic styles:

Our experts make sure that all the conventions of academics are followed, such as abbreviations, acronyms, Latin abbreviations, numbers, and equations.


Proacademic’s experienced and skilled editing & proofreading consultants offer consistent academic papers in terms of style choices and English dialect.

Suggestions and in-text tips:

Our online experts will leave suggestions for improvement, provide subtle advice of grammatical and punctuation errors, and leave general advice and tips between the texts with the help of comments. With their experience and skills, be sure that you will get the most productive and high-quality advice.

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Customer support service is indeed very friendly. They adjust the service packages; help you select the right deals & keep you updated all the time somehow forgot to provide & the customer care team.

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