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Dissertations are long piece of academic documents that are composed by students after in-depth research and analysis. They are submitted by undergraduates, postgraduates, and PhD level students to the instructors. Regardless of the field or seniority level, students still find a lot of difficulty in drafting these dissertations. No matter how simple the topic of the dissertation is or easy the specifications are, students consider everything daunting related to these dissertations. Many students push themselves and motivate to complete it in any way but the process of editing & proofreading these long and over 50 page document puts them off.

Students likely do not do editing & proofreading of the dissertations which they may not realise at that time, but can jeopardise their grades and entire academic career. If you feel lazy or think that your dissertation contains multiple errors, you should consult us today for editing & proofreading of your thesis and let us do the corrections. Whether you belong to an undergrad, postgraduate or a PhD program, our team of consultants and online experts know how to comprehensively polish and modify the content based on the specific dissertation structures.

Proacademic Ensures Step-By-Step Editing & Proofreading of the Dissertations

The first thought that comes in all students’ minds before giving it to the editing & proofreading experts is that how will the team of consultants provide assistance and edit the dissertation’s structure. Well, we do not know about others, but our online expert editing & proofreading team make sure of reading the guidelines and help you. After carefully going through all the details and specifications of your dissertations, our team then ensures step-by-step editing of the thesis.

The structure depends on the field but it is usually divided into at least 4-5 chapters, from introduction to conclusion. We ensure customised editing & proofreading when students give the detailed dissertation guidelines. Otherwise, we follow the basic dissertation structure based on which our editing & proofreading team provide service and consultants review and edit the dissertation step-by-step.

Editing & Proofreading of the Title Page

As the name implies, this is the title page of the dissertation that contains your topic name, student’s name, department and institution’s name, program details, and submission date. While these are the basic things, our consultants ensure that everything is included in the first page while editing & proofreading so that your instructor is able to mark your appropriately as many instructors have a very strict requirement for the title pages.

Editing & Proofreading of Abstract

Students tend to compose really detailed abstract, forgetting about the word limit. When you hand over you dissertation for editing & proofreading to us, we make sure that it remains under the word limit – 150 – 300 words. Our editors review it in the end so that they understand the gist of your paper and edit it eloquently complying with the word limit requirement.

Editing & Proofreading of Introduction

The introduction is the first thing your reader will see that is why it has to hook your readers. While editing & proofreading your introduction, we ensure professionally and formally structuring your sentences so that your ideas, related to the topic and purpose are clear. We edit and ensure whether or not you have established your research topic, narrowed down the scope of research, discussed the objectives in detail, and drafted an overview that strikes the readers.

Editing & Proofreading of Literature Review

This is the section that requires vigilant editing & proofreading and our consultants give extra attention to this part. They edit the sources, and build a connection between the ideas to ensure that the overall point flows well for the reader to understand and grasp the content. Our online experts form a coherent structure and edit the arguments leading to clear justifications. In our editing & proofreading, we make sure that the literature addresses the gap, has theoretical approach to the topic, and if the proposed solution has the answer to the discussed problems.

Editing & Proofreading of Methodology & Results

While editing & proofreading the methodology section, our consultants make sure that the overall approach and type of research is properly explained such as qualitative, or quantitative, methods of data collection are elaborated, details of when, where, and with whom are properly addressed. In the end, the editing & proofreading of results section evaluates if your objectives and research questions are answered and if the writer has eloquently included the result, adding value to the text.

Editing & Proofreading of Conclusion and References

Our proofreaders will ensure that you concisely answer the main research question. If you haven’t, our editors will polish the sentences, providing a clearer understanding of your central argument and will precisely conclude your dissertation with a final verdict as to what you did and how you did it. Additionally, our consultancy team will ensure editing the full details of the sources cited in the reference list in the end.

Consult Our Editing & Proofreading Online Experts for Your Dissertations

If you have already written your dissertation and just require some expert professional for editing & proofreading, look no further. Consult our friendly customer support team today and you’d receive a professional structured and well-edited dissertation in quick turnaround time.

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